Friday, March 7, 2014

The time is now for Rangers fans to secure the clubs future for our Kids and Grandkids


I believe we are at another big crossroads/Milestone or how ever you want to looms at in our history.

I've joined Rangers First, but the Rangers Supporters Trust version is great too so i am not anti them in any way. Rangers First just suited me better being an ex pat. I made a one off donation.

Rangers first

We must make the right decision now, and get these evil bastards away from our club. I back Dave King, not 100% as he has yet to really tell us his plans, but he will be better than these scumbag Easdales who are as bad as Green and Whyte when it comes down to it. Also, he has stated he has "high value" Rangers fans and other businessmen wanting to join him and invest in the club, the playing staff and the whole Rangers infrastructure. The Kray twins want to line their own pockets.

They are the enemy of Rangers.

Guys like Sons of Struth, The Copland Road Org and The Rangers Standard have done a lot of hard work behind the scenes in the last few week, and now we have the Union of Fans. We should have had something similar two years ago, but alas, it didn't happen, but we have them now so read what they say and back them.

I'm 40 this June. I started out my time as a Bear in 1978/9 in the John Grieg years so i have seen good and bad times. I never thought they'd be this bad. My view is that the more senior Bears have to take this one on the chin, i think it's a minimum of 10 years before we are stable and winning regularly again. (I hope i'm wrong and it's a lot sooner)

So, it's up to me and you reading this to make sure we never allow this to happen again so our kids and grandkids and the generations following them have those magical moments at Ibrox and abroad that we had.

Let as many of you Bear mates know about Rangers First. Think about it, just a fiver a month and you. YES YOU can say you helped out our amazing Club and fans when we were on our knees. We all know times are tough finically, but a fiver is the price of a pint and a half or a fish supper. Look at it that way.

If we don't get it right NOW, then i seriously believe we will be staring into a bottomless Abyss that we may never recover from


Friday, July 26, 2013

The new season is here.....Ally and his clean slate

Ok Bears it's here at last...the new football season.

We have all been dying for it to start, i think it's fair to say that the pre season has been encouraging. Only one defeat by a single goal.

From what i have read the fans that have been at the games have given off the impression that the team look good, the new players doing their jobs and the veteran players putting in a good shift.

I have been heavy critical of Ally and his staff. But that was then. I think now the coaching team should be given a 100% clean slate by all fans.


This team is theirs, all bought and paid for, kept or sold by Ally and his team. We do not have too much friction behind the scenes and the powers that be in Scottish football have said they are not pursuing us any more (unless i've missed something)

So Ally as a Rangers fan (not manager) now has a lot of stress off his shoulders that each and every one if us had with all the off field trouble and board room infighting. Meaning he can step away from being a fan and manager with worries to a manager with worries, not both combined which would have been tough.

Some of the things Ally said in his interview with Jim Traynor were uncomfortable, it said to me it's win at all costs, not that we will be playing flowing attacking football like we should be. I feel with the players and squad we have if we do play flowing attacking football then a win is near enough certain (i know you can't win every game but you get what i mean)

For me the league is a total utter forgone conclusion like last year which is why i, and most Bears, i'd hope would want to see us play attacking football. We have the players to do it.

I never ever expect the first few games of a season to go perfectly. This team will take 3/4 games to gel and really get to know each other so i won't be jumping all over the team and coaching staff if the first few games are a bit ropey.

When it comes to the cups, i'm probably in a big minority here, but i am not fussed about them. I have never wanted rangers to loose a game and never will, but to me the cups are a perk, getting a structured team ready for the top league is priority. the cups could get in the way of that

So, over to you Ally, prove the doubters among us, myself included very very wrong as you are Mr Rangers to my generation of fans and we would love you to lead us for years, right back into the Champions league playing good football and winning things

Thursday, February 28, 2013

This last year was worth the pain.......

This last year was worth the pain

Here’s why I think why……………….

Rangers Football Club has been around for 140 years, we’ve been through hell and back twice before this last year but in much more acute and personal ways. People died watching football at our stadium destroying families and loved ones lives. Something that should never happen no matter what team you support. So this last year is nothing compared to the pain the two disasters caused.

Before I go on I want to make something Crystal clear.

I’m one of the few people that’s involved either personally or vindictively that isn’t an expert on financial law, EBT’s (never heard of them till 18 months ago) corporate governance, how to run businesses in general never mind the confusing and tangled workings of high earning football players contracts.
I’m a lowly oil rig mechanic that works on drilling rigs. All I know is mechanics as its all I’ve done since I left school at 17 and joined the Royal Navy. Like many I’m surprised that Scotland seems to have so many “experts” on issues such as EBT’s, footballers contracts etc. Good luck to them.

One thing I do know though and was taught from an early age is to believe and trust the real experts that know how the aforementioned legal minefields work and the laws they are supposed to operate in.

Now, I’m going against my own principles here and going to mention our clubs history. The whole history saga was nothing to me and it bugged me that so many Bears used to engage with haters on this issue. Rangers have been and always will be Rangers football club, or as we called our club where I grew up in Glasgow and Troon “The Rangers”. I knew other fans would say our history stopped, that’s how “banter” (more about “Banter” later) works amongst football fans of opposing clubs, but even they know deep down that’s a lie our history is intact. It was the company that ran us that changed as it has in the past for us and many other clubs, not the football club, simple as that.
Like I said before, I was taught to believe the real experts and the powers in charge on legal issues. Everyone from The SFA, FIFA, UEFA, Law Lords, Lawyers and many other respected figures within the game have said we are still the same club yet these other “experts” now say that these people are wrong, even though we had lawyers hand picked by the haters to try and steal these titles, yet they failed, they thought Lord Nimo Smith would rip those titles from us because they “heard” he wasn’t a Rangers fan, yet as soon as he announced his finding completely exonerating Rangers of ANY wrong doing….he’s now a Mason that was never going to do anything other than destroy us. Why were so many online haters convinced we were going to have those titles stripped the days leading up to the finding??!!!!

This will all be confirmed when we win the top division next time, it will be title number 55. That’s where it ends for me. RANGERS are RANGERS are RANGERS.

Onto why I think this year will in the end turn out to be a good thing and actually worth the pain we went through.

We at long last got rid of the self centred and greedy David Murray, the man that caused all this grief. He should be in jail for this along with Craig Whyte and certain people with in Scottish football for what he did to our Football team never mind destroying the Scottish game. Although Murray is an oxymoron as his ego has in the end put us in a better place, not by his choice though.

After being burned by CW many of us were rightly sceptical about Charles Green. The best thing he will ever do in his time at Rangers will be to have refused to give up titles to stay in the SPL.
No matter what he does now, good bad or indifferent that action alone has saved us as a club and fan base decades of abuse. He was proved right to do what he did and I can’t thank him enough for that. At times he says things he shouldn’t and he has been caught out saying chalk then giving us cheese, that’s the way he is but he’s not breaking any laws or causing us financial, legal or on the pitch grief.

I am looking at yesterday as the “reset” button being fully depressed and released. No one has a single thing on us any more. It’s been proved beyond reasonable doubt that The Rangers (We the fans are The Rangers) were victims of crimes by other parties from the horrible BBC, Duff and Phelps, Craig Whyte, many people with in the nasty down trodden Scottish media pack and idiots from the outside that liked to mock the victims of the Ibrox disaster. People will hopefully be going to jail for these crimes.

The last year has also galvanised the fan base like I’ve never seen before in the 38 years of supporting The Rangers lead from the front by our modern day Bill Struth…..Ally McCoist. The way he’s conducted himself through all this has been amazing.
Thanks Ally.

Yes, there are issues between different supporters units, that’s the way it goes, so lets hope yesterday helps bring us closer again, draw lines in the sand lads, talk to each other and move on from petty issues it’s for the good of yourselves and the support..

I like what I see amongst the Bears and Bearettes. There’s great new blogs like the Copland Road Org, The Rangers Standard the various other podcasts that do themselves and the fans proud then the outstanding work of The RFFF. Then  guys like Chris Graham defending our corner in the hate filled media and Shane over in the States letting the greater footballing world know what has happened to us. All I can do is thank these various outlets and people for doing this for us. I hope they all keep doing what they are doing as they are very enjoyable to read and have a lot of very knowledgeable persons with in their groups

Now…….. “The Banter”

It’s gone, it’s no longer “Banter” it bile and hate.
It’s been brewing for decades and now come to the boil.
Personally I think the instigator of it all was Gerry McNee and his phone in on Radio Clyde and his columns in the various tabloids he wrote for. Believe it or not he’s a man I know as i grew up with his kids in Dumbreck. He was always decent to me as a kid I have to say.
That doesn’t matter though. He had an agenda against Rangers since the first phone call he took on the Clyde phone in, he was abrupt, rude and spiteful towards football fans in general that questioned him which in turn lead to a campaign against our club. He would criticize everything our players would do from the clothes they wore to the way they kicked a ball. The nasty and downright vile liitle man Graham Speirs took over that mantle from McNee, and boy has he covered himself in self glory in the way he’s acted this last 10 years towards us. At long last though he’s been caught out big time with his lies by being destroyed live on national television by Chris Graham, something that was wonderful to watch.
The Rangers have kept this man career going, 90% of his stuff is nothing to do with football it’s to do with issues with in our club he “sees” then twists and lies about. Yesterday he was caught out yet again right after the Lord Nimo Smith verdict. Instead of saying anything positive he tweeted parts of the findings yet missing out the important stuff. Why the hell is this man employed at all?

The “rivalry” between us and other SPL clubs is ruined for ever IMO. This isn’t something that will be smoothed over in a few years. Their hate, bile and jealousy of the countries biggest club has crippled them and the rivalry to a dangerous level. I blogged about this before in "The Damage done" There’s many to blame for this. For me it’s down to guys like Speirs, the once  proud but now toxic BBC and various others that want headlines of a nasty nature instead of trying to help smooth tensions.

I don’t see anything but hate filled games when we get back to the top.

As for the SPL and SFA, by Christ are they a laughing stock around the footballing world. The men at the top their should be sacked and rendered unemployable. Even yesterday, the day the biggest footballing crisis Scottish football has seen was to come to a “close” the head honchos were no where to be seen and refused to give statements. REALLY? That is unbelievable that a company would be run like that.
 I know if I performed like them in my trade I’d be on the next plane home. The sad thing is they won’t get the sack, they will leave on their own accord in a few years with huge pats on the back saying how well they did in their time in office. That’s how unprofessional the game is in Scotland…..along with big bonuses and pensions

There was one media outlet that was very fair balanced and honest through all this. That was STV and their lads on twitter. When yesterdays announcement was made I was looking forwards to their articles and tweets about it, only to get a giant kick in the balls from them. They didn’t report it in a balanced way, they looked for the tiniest bits of bad news they could and twisted it. I found that very, very disheartening. NO Rangers fan wanted a reporter to side with us, all we wanted was fair and balanced reporting, STV gave us this until the final outcome when they turned round and kicked us in the head. Such a shame.

One journalist who I feel has been fair balanced and respectful during all this has been Richard Wilson at the Herald. He’s given us the news, good or bad in laymen’s terms with no dramatic  or twisted words that bend the truth to sell papers like the Record and Sun do.

I feel we have been let down by the club though. They still won’t defend us against attacks that have been constant for a year. Yesterday Jim Traynor should have been in his office bright and early ready for the attack and be there for us, the fans to extinguish any fires that were started in the media, he wasn’t., he was no where to be seen yet again. He should have been on that panel last night with Spiers, Chris Graham and Toxic Thompson. What is his job exactly???
The club need to fix this now, we are sick of being attacked then the club doing next to nothing.

I’ve rambled on wwwway too long and I bet most won’t have read this far, and I don’t blame you.

Anyway. It’s simple. For us the pain is over, no one can touch us now.

This last year has set up a solid bedrock for the clubs future, now it’s over, I’m actually glad it happened as I want a stable club for my kids to follow, it looks like we have that now Bears.

WATP 54 and counting

****Late edit. I've been told that Jim Traynor has an illness in the family that kept him away from rangers duties yesterday. I hope his family member gets well soon. Apologise for misinformation on my part****


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rangers sent a big message today........

Like most Bears I've spent today it's my chest puffed out proud of the stance the fans and club have taken on our away ticket allocation.

But Dundee Utd and the medias response has been puzzling to me.......

We as Rangers fans categorically stated the vast majority of fans would never set foot in SPL teams grounds again.

The first test has come along, and guess what?

The majority of fans said ,"No thanks" then the club responded in kind by refusing tickets.

So why the surprise? Why are the SFA having a EGM? why are Dundee Utd releasing statements saying they won't release statements?

Is it because they thought we were all mouth?

Is it because they thought we wouldn't actually be here?

Time for a reality check haters!

To me, today shows more than ever that we are the best supporters in the World as we've yet again came together very quickly to get a message out and the club have responded, this is so refreshing as a bit of me thinks that Charles Green and his team would rather we did take the tickets and fill the away end, and if we did accept the tickets i believe the away end would have sold out.  I know some dont agree with the boycot and I understand why and would never try and change someone's mind either. It's a case of agree to disagree, but it's been fairly civil between us all for the most part. 

For me this has never been about money, it's a statement to show the haters that we will never accept being treated like that again. We knew we were in the wrong, we as fans had our hands up saying,"ok, we did wrong" But the bile and hate that came our way was wrong, very wrong and it looks like it is backfiring bigtime now. 

Reality is setting in for the haters.

So take today as another huge victory for The Rangers football club. We the fans ARE The Rangers football club. 

We've never gone away anywhere to come back.

We are the biggest show in town and by Christ are we making a lot of noise and "they" are not liking it and long may it continue.

The Worlds media is watching and we are doing ourselves proud by showing up the people that kicked us when we were down instead of letting us take our punishment and get on with getting our house back in order. Now the spotlight will hopefully turn onto them, they can answer the awkward questions presented to them by the world media as to why we don't want tickets....

Cheers for everything all the fans have done, the bloggers, the message boards, the tweeters, the RSC's, the club itself and you reading this

We really are showing the world why we are the people!

A proud Franky


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rangers not guilty!!

I have to admit that i thought we were going to be guilty as hell over the EBT thing. How wrong was i?!?!?!

I arrived home in Thailand at around 4PM Thai time (I'm 7 hours ahead of the UK) I have 4 weeks off as that's how my rotation works, 4 weeks on 4 off.

You can imagine the first few hours home are busy getting stuff sorted at home, having fun with my daughter etc.

Around 11PM i went to bed and turned on the Ipad to see what was happening. My timing was perfect as thats around the time Twitter was coming alive with the news we were NOT GUILTY of cheating the taxman therefore giving Rangers an unfair sporting advantage over other clubs. You and i all know that was poppycock anyway, we won our games and trophies by scoring more goals than the teams we played, thats how football works. But with the vigour, and lets be honest at times intellectual way our haters explained why we were going to be found guilty did sound plausible.

I rarely talked about the EBT issue on here, my Rangers facebook page, my Rangers twitter account for a few reasons. The first being i'm not a financial person at all. My job involves nuts, bolts, oil and drilling for black gold, so it would have been foolish for me to talk about something i can't give a good honest opinion too.
The other reason, and the main reason was i was shit scared and had my head buried in the sand. I also was sure we would have titles stripped, i didn't know how i was going to handle it if/when that happened. The chances of that happening now are pretty slim, next to none so the REAL experts say like Cathcartboy whom is a financial wiz kid. Someone all Bears should pay attention too.

I'm not one for gloating, its not a classy thing to do, but you know what Bears. I'm absolutely loving the Gloating thats going on today. This is a huge moment in our history so enjoy it for days, weeks and months to come.


Imagine this.................. imagine that yesterday unfolded a different way, Imagine we had been found "guilty" The feeling we would all have now is of sheer emptiness. Going into work would have been a nightmare for many, but alas, we won, and by Christ are we loving it and so we should.

There are many many Bloggers and journalists that have more than egg on their face, they have a battery farms worth of egg on their face!!

We all know that the vile little man Graham Spiers has been keeping his career going on the back of his hate for our amazing club and fans. Last night our very own Chris Graham owned him, absolutely owned him live on TV. Obviously the picture at the top of this blog shows the moment in this horrid knew he'd been caught bang to writes. Right after this picture he tried to squirm out of Chri owning him by saying he had "Never said TBTC was cheating" Really spot? Well you've been caught and had your brown half mast cord trousers took down and your skinny litttle arse well and truly slapped

From the bottom of my heart Chris......Thank you. its a moment all us Bears have been waiting on for YEARS and boy did you deliver. I owe you more than a pint mate, i owe you a night out no hold barred.

I'm a very insignificant blogger compared to other Bears, but the standard of bloggers this time has produced is something all rangers fans should be proud og. Guys like Chris, Shane and his crew at The Copland Road OrgBill McMurdoJohn DC Gow, the lads at The Rangers Standard and my favourite Rangers message board Gersnet ran by Franky (not me BTW)

I could go on but each and every online Bear, message board etc had a huge part to play in this.
We are not out the woods yet, there's a lot of legal wrangling to go but with the intellect we have amongst the  fanbase we will get there in the end with each and every hater that went out their way to kill us getting their just deserves.

My final and most important point. We MUST take this opportunity to come together. Please forget any niggles we have with each other, talk to each other as the more unified we are the stronger we are. Swallow some pride and contact those Bears you joust with and draw a line in the sand.

Together as one we can take these bastards down.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why not let Rangers FC and the fans get on with it?

We ARE the biggest show in town, always have been, always will be. The rest of the nation hates this, I don't need to remind you about the way we have been treated this last 18 months.

We did deserve punishment. But anyone not living in the bitter nasty little country with a chip on its shoulder called Scotland thinks what has happened is nothing short of astounding.

Now to my point.

Why not leave us alone and let us get on with the football?

This week we've had the Dundee Utd chairman, a bitter and twisted little man say we won't be allowed into the top league, even after reconstruction.

Ermmmmmm...... When did Rangers football club or the fans ask for that? We want to earn our way back up the leagues, we are enjoying it, the away trips are enjoyed by the traveling support and Irbox is more or less full every home match.

Then we had that crank Alex Thompson tell us the World is round and that a football club has loonballs attached to it. EVERY club no matter how big or small has them
So why can't the news papers, haters, bloggers and cranks not let us get on with it?

If we play your team in a cup, then yes, the usual banter and comments are the "norm" But this seriously delusional infatuation, addiction, illness, obsession (insert adjective here) other smaller clubs fans have for us is actually worrying. Football will always have banter, it's part of it and is great fun done the right way, but I genuinely fear for these obsessed people's lifestyles. What happens behind closed doors? Are their families safe? Are they themselves safe? What long term psychological damage are they doing to themselves?

This is acutely abnormal behaviour.......and dangerous.

In any other country, and I do mean any, the rest of the nation would have allowed us to get on with it and encouraged us to get back on an even keel and back into the top league for the most part.

Its obvious that the shadow we cast over EVERYONE else in the footballing world in Scotland was a lot longer and darker than Rangers fans knew we threw over them.

Let us get on with it please. That's mine and I'm sure many others message, you will find your health gets better very quickly as your obsession is not good for you at all.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A huge victory for Rangers fans against the Sun and a troll

I don't like to talk about our haters and normally totally ignore them but yesterday i got involved with the backlash against the lies, bile and hate the Sun spouted from that evil little man that claims he's Irish.

The rhetoric both him and the Sun told got my back up, and it takes a lot to get my back up.

It was amazing to see the backlash happen. The hateful CFC supporting editor that sanctioned the piece removed his twitter account nearly right away because of the stuff he was getting. Hopefully he is sacked from his job and can't find employment in the media again.

I, and may others tweeted the Sun asking them to remove themselves from the Help for Heroes campaign as the vile little man is a servant to the IRA, raising funds for them over the years which means he paid for the ammunition and ordinance to kill and maim British servicemen.

The Sun today issues a statement saying they had pulled the serialisation because after checking the Vile hate filled liars blog they saw they had made a huge mistake. Naturally they had a pop at Rangers fans along the way.

The Sun, par for the course, lied about why they puled it. They say it wasn't because of the online backlash, well why was it?

Of course it was, we brought it to your attention that this man hates our country. The Sun obviously had not looked into this man, why else would they have allowed it?
WE, The Rangers support DID make you take these drastic and out of character actions.

Now, there's a few significant issues here.

1. When was the last time ANYONE got the Sun to pull a piece, EVER? We all know what it's like, a hateful paper that will hack into dead children's voicemail etc.

Rangers fans stopped the Sun in it's tracks and made it make a grovelling cringy statement.

That is brilliant and well done to each and every Bear that got involved.

2. This shows what power we now posses as a fan base. No more will we be treated as the dirt of society. No longer will we allow our good name to be used to make people money.

3. The hate filled blogger that wrote the crap in the book which the sun was going to published has been destroyed. The Sun has said these words,"

"We believed Phil Mac Giolla Bhain to be a proper and sound journalist. Channel 4 News chief correspondent Alex Thomson obviously agreed and wrote the foreword in the book.

He was wrong and so were we."

In one full swoop the Sun has totally utterly destroyed this man. His "reputation" is in tatters. For a guy that hates "main stream media" in the UK to get his book serialised in the UK's biggest paper, then to have it pulled in such a bad manner is wonderful to see. No doubt he will be on the offensive saying he doesn't care blah blah blah. Bollocks. This is a huge public humiliation and a massive victory for the ordinary decent people, not only in the Rangers support, but the public at large. It's also a victory for society as the UK public don't like these kind of people. people that hate our country and want our servicemen to die.

What a great way to start a monday

Read the article here

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Living “rent free” in other fans heads

I don’t.

I’d rather they all survived as the best way to get back at them is by beating them on the park. Don’t get me wrong, if clubs go into admin then Hell mend Them! And don’t blame The Rangers if that happens, blame the people in control at your club who have “balanced the books” on Rangers being around to finance your club.

I think it’s safe to say Ibrox has not been the best for atmosphere at games for a very long time, since the early 90’s i’d say. It’s not the fans fault as such, it’s the make up of Human DNA. You get “used” to winning which brings in complacency in fans.

Now with this whole mess slowly starting to level out, the thought of being back in the SPL is exciting, there will be a lot better atmospheres at games from now IMO. The great big V sign to these people that wanted us kicked out the SPL for “sporting reasons" (see Jealousy for the real reason) will be large and wide.

Imagine relegating Aberdeen or Dundee Utd towards the end of the season? that would be outstanding and the best way to get one over on them.

It doesn’t sit right with me that a lot of Bears want other clubs to fold, why? That’s not what we’re about, rise above the hate, be patient, as the time will arrive when we can do what we do best as The Rangers, win trophies and beat these diddy teams.

We are, and always will be the biggest club in the country, make no mistake about that. As i’ve said before, the shadow we cast over every single team in the SPL is far bigger and longer than we thought, it’s plain to see, and that flatters me. I didn’t realise we were living rent free in these peoples heads so loudly for all these years.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The week ahead for The Rangers

Here we go again. Yet another huge week for The Rangers

Here we go again, yet another huge week for The Rangers. This one with a completely different twist compared to the others as we are "saved", yet have a power struggle developing already. 

We should be happy with this, yet its causing friction amongst the fan base. 

I'll state from the off i'm very against this march on Ibrox to back Walter. It could, and probably will turn into an Anti Charles Green protest which will play nicely into our haters hands, again. 
If Walter's group wasn't in the picture and Charles Green was the only show in town i would be for a peaceful march to get the man to open up, talk to fans and to stop telling lies. It surprises me in this day and age that people in power, not only in football but any sector of trade, business and politics try and pull the wool over their target audiences eyes by putting a lot of sugar on top of their public statements, telling us what we want to hear with false promises they themselves know they can't keep hoping we suck it and and believe what they say.
We have these fancy phones in our hands that the Google app will go a long way into clarifying what the person says is true or not with in seconds of the words coming out his mouth. If we don't find it in google there and then, within 48 hours we will know the truth. It's very hard to BS then general public now, especially when it comes to an institution like The Rangers. There's millions of Bears out there, amongst them some very smart people who have the means to find out if the likes to Charles Green are lying.

I keep reading Bears saying that we should get behind Charles Green because he saved us, and if he had not come along we would be gone, no newco, no CVA Rangers, but actually extinct.


There was a minimum of two, possibly three other groups watching what was going on, including Bill Ng and a hybrid of the Blue Knights. If Charles Green had not come in, either of them would have bid for us, and got us, but would have gone straight for the newco route which would have been highly unpopular, but alas, would have been the same result as Green got.

The Rangers were never ever going into extension!

Green came in saying we'll get the CVA etc. If we are all honest with ourselves, we were never going to get it. The boldness and brashness of Charles Green has to be admired, he got a lot of Bears hook line and sinker. Many of us were not convinced by him from the off and have been proved right with our doubts about him. He said there was 20 people from around the Globe in his group, where are they know?
He said he had £8.5M sitting in an account ready to be transferred at the click of a button, where is it? Then the £30M for new players!! Total popycock.
One of his backers was going to give him £4Million, this person did due diligence on the others in the group and ran for the Hills.

Now's when the alarm bells should start to ring in every Bears ears.

People rightly ask where Walter and co were all this time? Why didn't they come in months ago?
There's a very simple answer to this in my own opinion. None of them really wanted to own The Rangers, they were happy enough to let others buy us. I think it's very unfair to criticise Walter at all. He's been an amazing servant to our club, he deserves his retirement to spend time with his family, especially his grandkids who he adores.

I'm not of the school that rich, famous or past players should have put money into The Rangers. People should have the rite to do what they choose, to do what they want with their lives and money, they shouldn't be press ganged into buying into something that's going to take a hell of a lot of their time, money, the stress and negative publicity it brings owning The Rangers. Especially with little or no financial return.

So why did him and Mr McColl come in at this late date? I'm lead to believe roughly two weeks ago news reached McColl and Walter though the business contacts they'll no doubt have that Green was going round the high end business people in Glasgow and beyond with his cap in hand  asking for people to invest. This is when Walter and McColl decided to meet with Park and the others involved that we don't know about yet. There's rumours that there's an even more sinister undercurrent to Green and his business plan for our club that's not reached the public domain yet (i personally have no clue what it is by the way)

So, again, Walter is coming in to save us hopefully, not through choice, but through his love for The Rangers. He saw we were heading in a very bad direction under the stewardship of Green. He wants us to be run by fans, ran with in our means, get the rite people in the rite positions of power at Ibrox and the best bit is, him, Park and McColl are not in here to make money, Green is, which, i hasten to add is not a bad thing, if done correctly.

People ask why don't they work together.?


To start with the huge personalities on either side would clash, then their business plans for The Rangers are chalk and cheese. It would be virtually impossible for them to sit in the same room together for more than an hour if they both were involved with the running of the club which would inevitably lead to terrible headlines in the press for us again.

Do we really need any more?

To finish, the march is wrong as i've already stated. Do you honestly think that either Walter or Green need a march to know that Walter is the man we want with the keys to Ibrox? These guys aren't dumb, they see the news, they read the internet forums, or at least get told what's being said. The march will make not one tiny bit of difference to the sale of Rangers to Walter. This sale WILL happen, my guess being between 9-14 days, possibly sooner. Green and his team want to sell, it comes down to how much for, and make no mistake, Green has every rite to make a few quid out this.

And ask yourself this, would Walter and Jim McColl come into the frey making all this noise NOT to get the keys to Ibrox?

Not a chance, they will get us


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Be careful what you wish for haters

I wrote this on the 6th of March on Facebook

This is the one and only time i will talk about CFC and their issues.

We have seen our club and fans come under attack from many angles these last few weeks, you could say it's self inflicted and no ones making but our own? I don't, we were conned and many of us, myself included were sucked in. from the DM era till 2 weeks ago

Anyway i see many fans saying "Lets start again in Division 3 of the Scottish football league" so to show the other teams how much they actually DO need us

In principle this sounds great, a great big V sign to everyone, especially those from CFC who have, as usual, conducted themselves "in the Celtic way", which is with outright unprofessionalism, no class, no dignity and down right stupidity if i'm honest.

They do need us and we do need them, as does the whole of Scottish football from grass roots up.

We're the biggest team, have the biggest support and as we, and the rest of the footballing World know are the most successful football team in the World. That won't change any time soon.

Now, if we go down to Div 3 in Scotland, what SPL will we return to? I think it would cripple it beyond repair. The Chances are CFC would win the league at a canter. I think we would loose our Champions league places and a Europa cup place. The standard of players at CFC would drop considerably too which would effect us too. The league would be like the Welsh or Irish league in the end. The Kilmarnocks etc would probably go out of business too

The issue of Rangers and CFC going into the EPL comes up regularly. The other clubs, especially those in the lowers leagues rightly say, ”If you want to go into the EPL you have to start at the bottom “(Div 2)


What biggest “get it right round yie” could there be to our haters. The carrot at the end of the stick is EPL football, something we would all love. We are not guaranteed to fly up the leagues either, but by Christ it would be some adventure to go to these games. I doubt it would be long before we did have a genuinely rich big investor come in and buy us too.They have two Welsh teams in the English professional game so it would be very hard for any lawyers to argue against us getting in there

We all need to calm down and think before we speak on this subject. I for one, want us to go to England, not Scotland.

What this last few weeks has shown to us is the shadow we cast over EVERYONE in Scottish football is a LOT bigger than we thought it was, I’m actually flattered by that